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Do subluxations increase your risk of heart disease?
31st March 2014 by Paul 1 Comment(s)

Continuing on what I shared in my last post, subluxations can truly increase your risk of heart disease. According to ongoing research, subluxations disrupt normal nerve flow to vital organs including the heart. Without proper nerve flow, two main things happen: The heart doesn’t function optimally, and The repair, replication, and healing of heart tissue […]

Is our health care system broken?
18th March 2014 by Paul 2 Comment(s)

As many people know, the leading cause of death in Canada is heart disease and stroke, killing 1 in 2 Canadians. And many know that the second leading cause of death in Canada is cancer, killing 1 in 3. But do you know the third leading cause of death in Canada? Many will be surprised […]

4th March 2014 by Paul 3 Comment(s)

Many people have fantasies about taking longer holidays or retiring young, and I think that’s normal in our culture. But every time I experience a bit of that, I realize that it’s not for me. Of course, I look forward to holidays as an opportunity to celebrate and spend time with family, but this also makes […]



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