Is our health care system broken?
18th March 2014 by Paul 2 Comment(s)

As many people know, the leading cause of death in Canada is heart disease and stroke, killing 1 in 2 Canadians. And many know that the second leading cause of death in Canada is cancer, killing 1 in 3.

But do you know the third leading cause of death in Canada? Many will be surprised to learn it’s medicine.

Twenty thousand Canadians will die this year from reactions to the right medication or from taking the wrong medication. Ten thousand Canadians will die from infections acquired in the hospital, and another ten thousand will die from mistakes made in the hospital.

Does it seem crazy to you that the medical profession fights heart disease, cancer, and everything that ails us with the third leading cause of death—drugs and surgery? That’s because it is crazy.

What is the one system that controls the function, healing and disease process in the body?
The #1 and #2 killers in Canada are disease processes that accumulate over time. The nerve system, including the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves, controls the disease processes in our bodies. If the nerve system is under stress, the body does not function properly, does not heal properly, and the disease process begins.

Over time, we have been taught that if we feel good, we are healthy. This is an outright lie. The number one stress on the spinal cord and nerve system is subluxation, misalignment of the spine. If you have subluxation, especially in the upper neck, odds are you’re body is struggling to function properly. Chiropractic care and subluxation correction should not be focused only on pain removal. It is crucial to have your subluxations corrected to remove the interference on the nerve system.

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